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By G.C. Gandolfi

Книга по монетному делу Генуи.
Надеюсь, что эти материалы будут интересны как нумизматам-медиевистам, так и всем, интересующимся историей средневековья.

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4. The Dublin Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Prisons in Europe and Central Asia, 2004: With a broader focus to ensure the rights of prisoners to HIV prevention and treatment, the Irish Penal Reform Trust in collaboration with experts from seven different countries proposed guidelines to deal with HIV in prisons based on best practices to address the issue, scientific evidence, and a human rights perspective. Over 90 NGOs and experts in the field of Criminology and HIV and AIDS endorsed the declaration (The Dublin Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Prisons in Europe and Central Asia 2005).

Unprotected sexual contact: HIV can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners and also through homosexual intercourse between men, if either of the partners is infected. A person having sexually transmitted infection (STI) and engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse may get infected with HIV through open genital sores allowing the virus to enter the bloodstream. 2. Exposure to Infected Blood: Use of non-sterile needle for injecting purposes can cause HIV transmission.

Majority of these studies have reported that 20–40 % of prisoners were living with HCV, and within study samples, rates of HCV prevalence among prisoners who were injecting drug users were usually two to three times higher than those who have no history of injecting drug use (Macalino et al. 2004). (c) Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Inmates suffering from STIs are at higher risk of contracting HIV infection and people living with HIV are more ­susceptible to STI, due to their weak immune system (Lines & Stover 2005; UNAIDS 2004).

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