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By Gail B. Stewart

Efforts to tighten native land safety have challenged the Untied States' conventional method of immigration and border regulate. This publication explores the dramatic adjustments to the country's borders and coasts, and gives priceless perception into the altering face of immigration.

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We are in a war where borders are the front lines. . A war is being waged here by an army of foreign nationals. They are taking advantage of America’s remarkable generosity, and their goal is mass murder. [Canada’s] intelligence service has said that there are no fewer than 50 terrorist organizations operating in Canada. S. 45 A Flood of Illegal Immigrants The question of racial profiling is not as much of an issue along the Mexican border. Since September 11, border agents have been establishing more of a presence at the border as a whole, not only the crossing points.

56 He believes that it is important for the United States to address the issues of smuggling and illegal immigration and how they relate to border security, and the sooner the better. “It sounds like our country better figure out a way to strike a balance here between human values and keeping terrorists out of here,” he warns, “or we’re going to be reading about one of these groups killing somebody—maybe a Mexican family just trying to get into the United States to have a better life. ” 57 57 Chapter Four Securing America’s Sea Borders S ecuring about seventy-five hundred miles of land borders with Mexico and Canada is a difficult job, but those entrusted with protecting the ninety-five thousand miles of sea borders of the United States are faced with an almost impossible one.

Many Canadians were angry, and accused the United States of being overreactive and racist. ” 41 Others add that American scrutiny of Muslims and Middle Eastern people is a serious human rights issue that needs to be addressed. Some in the United States agree with the Canadians. They, too, feel that using race or religion to determine who gets scrutinized by border agents is unfair and a violation of civil rights. Others, however, say that since the hijackers of September 11 were all Middle Eastern Muslim men, it makes sense to look at that segment of the traveling public more carefully.

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