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By Stephen James O'Meara

Stephen O'Meara's new and intriguing staring at consultant spotlights an unique number of 109 deep-sky gadgets that would entice sky-watchers around the world. His 'hidden treasures' comprise a superb collection of galaxies, open clusters, planetary nebulae and extra, all of which were rigorously selected in line with their recognition and straightforwardness of looking at. None of those items are incorporated in both the Messier or the Caldwell catalogs, and all are noticeable in a 4-inch telescope less than darkish skies. lovely images and gorgeous drawings accompany particular visible descriptions of the items, which come with their wealthy histories and astrophysical value. The author's unique finder charts are designed to aid observers get to their goals speedy and successfully.

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The glowing gas and dark obscuring clouds are actually part of a larger complex of atomic and molecular clouds forming an 880-light-year-wide ring around NGC 281, which is expanding away from the nebula at 22 kilometers per second. The entire complex was probably first formed by supernovae explosions, which triggered subsequent episodes of star formation, including those ongoing today. While we will never see the drama captured in the CFHT photograph, we can at least imagine it. To the eye, NGC 281 is an irregular patch of glowing gas a mere ◦ 1 34 east of Alpha (␣) Cassiopeia (Shedir); its Moon-size glow forms the southeastern apex of a triangle with Alpha and Eta (␩) Cassiopeia.

Xml CUUK347B-O’Meara September 29, 2006 9:32 6 after much painstaking search and attention with averted vision and heavy breathing. 5 star, is the nearly edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 615, the easternmost galaxy in the chain of five described above. 6, Brian Skiff and Christian Luginbuhl say it’s easily seen in a 6-inch telescope. It also shows well in the 4-inch, again because the galaxy has a bright nucleus in a cocoon of light. 5 elliptical ◦ galaxy nearly 1 12 southeast of Star a. 7 , the galaxy is easy to sweep over at 23×.

These AGB stars represent the very last phase of normal stellar evolution and are well on their way to becoming planetary nebulae. The galaxy is surrounded by a large face-on donut shaped halo of neutral hydrogen gas, which extends out to an overall diameter of 9 . 5magnitude dwarf irregular galaxy. When I changed the magnification from 23× to 72× in the 4-inch and moved Beta out of the field of view, the galaxy had an enticingly mottled appearance, as if it were breaking up into individual starlight – a feeling Lord Rosse had shared.

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