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In 1900 a gaggle of sponge divers blown astray within the Mediterranean chanced on an historical Greek shipwreck relationship from round 70 BC. mendacity left out for months among their hard-won haul used to be what seemed to be a formless lump of corroded rock, which grew to become out to be the main beautiful medical artefact we've got from antiquity. For greater than a century this 'Antikythera mechanism' wondered teachers, yet now, greater than 2000 years after the equipment used to be misplaced at sea, scientists have pieced jointly its elaborate workings. In deciphering the Heavens, Jo Marchant tells for the 1st time the tale of the 100-year quest to appreciate this historic desktop. alongside the way in which she reveals a various forged of outstanding characters -- starting from Archimedes to Jacques Cousteau -- and explores the deep roots of contemporary expertise not just in old Greece, the Islamic global and medieval Europe.

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Some celestial bodies follow open, non-returning orbits, along curves with shapes called parabolas and hyperbolas. path planet would take from point B if there was no gravity path planet would take from point A if there was no gravity C B planet following elliptical orbit around star A acceleration towards star due to pull of gravity pivot: centre of rotation of both bodies common centre of mass In an orbital system of two bodies, the smaller body does not simply orbit the larger one. Instead, both revolve around the joint centre of mass.

Before the introduction of general relativity, space and time were thought of only as an arena in which events took place. After general relativity, physicists realized that space and time are dynamic entities that can be affected by mass, forces, and energy. relatively weak gravity intense gravity close to star moderately deep gravitational well WHITE DWARF STAR A white dwarf is a very dense, planetsized star that can be thought of as producing a smaller but deeper dent in space-time than does a star like the Sun.

Constant, uniform motion altered motion force SECOND LAW OF MOTION distance = 1 I N T R OD U C T IO N DISCS AND RINGS When an object of low mass and one of greater mass are subjected for a force of the same magnitude, the low-mass object accelerates at a higher rate. MASS AND DISTANCE THIRD LAW OF MOTION Any two bodies are attracted by a force of gravity proportional to the mass of one multiplied by the mass of the other. The force is also inversely proportional to the square of their separation.

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