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By Professor of Philosophy Dale Jacquette

This examine of Hume's philosophy of arithmetic significantly examines his objections to the concept that of infinity in its old context as a manufactured from Enlightenment conception of data, and assesses the customers of his strict finitism within the gentle of latest arithmetic.

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4. The Poetry of Life: Faith as Totality Let us return to consider the status of faith at the personal level, and to its location in the fluctuation between cognition and feeling. Kook and his disciples, Harlap and the Nazir, suggest an approach very different from that of Reines, and even opposed to it in some of its implications. First, like Hirschensohn, Kook recognizes the existence of a natural faith, stemming from an inborn, inherent natural feeling. He writes as follows on the “idea of the divine”: Openly or latently, in straight or crooked modes, we will find the disposition of the idea of the divine in all human hearts everywhere, in all parties, families, and nations.

97 Furthermore, all the thinkers so far reviewed had perceived the contents of faith as homogenous. Whatever had troubled Maimonides, for instance, also concerned them, beginning with the most conservative and up to Hirschensohn’s innovative ideas. Soloveitchik, however, draws an unprecedented distinction between different meanings of faith at 95 See Joseph Dov Soloveitchik, The Lonely Man of Faith (Northvale, N. , Jason Aronson, 1997), p. 7. 96 Ibid.. 97 For a more detailed exposition of the attitudes toward evolution in religious-Zionist thought, see pp.

Nevertheless, he holds that the faith of the modern individual is not at all troubled by this question, just as the implications of Darwinian evolutionary theory are not a serious concern. ”98 If we wish to understand the meaning of faith in our generation, we must search for its meaning within the philosophical system that Soloveitchik constructs in this work. ” It would seem, then, that an analysis of the various characteristics of “the man of faith” would reveal the concern of faith as such, and even its contents.

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