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By Manel Loureiro

The Russian-spawned virus that kills speedily then ghoulishly resurrects its sufferers as starving cannibals has breached overseas borders.

The infernal progression…

From outbreak to epidemic and pandemic to sheer panic, the virus has shredded international civilization. Promised secure havens develop into deathtraps, lawlessness crumbles any last image of authority, and political violence in Spain threatens to erupt in civil war.


In the thick of the lethal insanity, the younger legal professional reveals himself escaping to the Canary Islands in a stolen chopper with a motley staff made from his Persian cat Lucullus, Ukrainian pilot Viktor “Prit” Pritchenko, 17-year-old appealing distraction Lucia, and Sister Cecilia, who was once educated as a nurse. The far-off isle of Lanzarote is rumored to be the one safe haven out of the virus’s succeed in. yet with relentlessly multiplying hordes of the dwelling dead—and both deadly human treachery—blocking their each circulate, their quest for survival is readily turning into a suicide challenge.

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