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B. ' Al, however, is by no means necessary to convey preceding duration as is shown by the following statements: (22) ... dat je de laatste jaren in de Nederlandse Dag- en Weekbladen ONUITSTAANBARE INTER VIEWS leest. (Van Kooten, De Bie 1986: 209) '... ' (24) Al lezend dacht ik even: in zo'n land zou ik ook wel willen wonen. Totdat ik mij realiseerde dat dat al sinds mijn geboorte het geval is. 1987) 'Reading it, I thought for a moment: in such a country I,too, would like to live. ' In spite of widely different expressive effects, all these examples share the same grammatical representation of present duration.

Yet to transmute our raw experience of duration with its inherent mobility into a linguistic representation, we must immobilize it. But how can immobility represent the experience of movement connected with an event? It is relatively easy to understand how this is done with a greater than minimal stretch of duration. By situating in containing universe time the initial limit and the final limit of the duration, one can suggest an uninterrupted movement through the intervening instants. 31 But how do we represent movement when duration is reduced to an instant?

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