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By Russell Keat

In Cultural associations and the boundaries of the industry, Russell Keat offers a theoretical problem to contemporary extensions of the marketplace area and the advent of commercially modeled sorts of businesses in components akin to broadcasting, the humanities, and educational examine. Drawing on Walzer's pluralistic belief of social items and MacIntyre's account of social practices, he argues that cultural actions of this type, and the associations in which they're carried out, can top make designated contributions to human overall healthiness whilst protected against the harmful results of an unbounded industry.

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Thus scepticism undermines 出 ekind of jus位fica位on for non-market cultural practices 1 have presented. It does not follow, however, that scepticism provides positive support for the use of the market in these or other areas. Meta明 ethical subjectivism , for example, as a purely epistemological thesis , is arguably consistent with any substan世 ve ethical or political pOSitiO llS, including many that would be highly antithe 甘 cal to 'market' values. However, if one moves from this strictly philosophical level of analysis to consider how scep位 cal beliefs may actually operate in specificωltural contexts , the situation is more complex.

Now it is , of course, just conceivab1e that some means might be found by which both va1ues cou1d be realized without 10ss or detriment to one another , but this is high1y improbab1e. 13 Shou1d we, for examp1e , adopt a 1exica1 ordering of the 的可o va1ues , so that whatever wou1d otherwise be done to realize one will on1y be permitt巴 d if it in no way interferes with rea1izing the other? Or shou1d we, as the advocates of economism in effect suggest, find some way of de蛇口nining the net bene旦ts of 位le a1ternative policies that each va1ue , taken by itse1f, wou1d support?

Although the argument for non-market cultural prac幽 tices 位lat 1 have presented does not involve attributing to cultural Scepticisl7l, Authority and tlze Market 51 50 Keeping tlle Market at Bay prac位tioners authority with respect to the good or well-being of others , a thorough-going scepticism would undermine 也is ar伊 ment at various points. First, scepticism in its extreme , individual-subjectivist form , would rule out even the 'internal' authority of prac位tioners' judgements within each cultural practice.

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