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Attempts to measure the level of crime present a variety of findings and anomalies. While these various counting procedures may not agree on the numerical magnitude of crime and victimization, there is consensus that crime CRIME AND THE FEAR OF CRIME remains a major social problem. Crime may be on the decrease, but it remains far higher today than in the late 1960s when the President’s Commission proclaimed that major changes were needed to stem the problem of crime and victimization. Beyond the enumeration of criminal acts, the economic, psychological and time losses due to crime are significant for both the individual victims and society at large.

First, it presents a brief discussion of crime prevention throughout history. Second, a definition for crime prevention will be presented. Third, the chapter presents the general crime prevention model that serves to organize the remainder of the text. CRIME PREVENTION THROUGH THE AGES In any discussion it is important to set forth the context from which our ideas and thoughts emerge. Perhaps the best place to start is with an understanding of what has happened in the past. The study of crime prevention is no exception.

They also can provide only limited insight to whether the program can be implemented in other places or at other times (Holcomb and Lab, 2003). A second reason for having a solid theoretical basis for the evaluation is that many investigations might not be necessary if the underlying theory for the intervention was examined. There are numerous examples where examination of the underlying theory would have raised questions about the efficacy of the intervention at the outset (Holcomb and Lab, 2003).

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