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By M. Caren Connolly

Observe the appeal and ease of the cottage shape and the weather that make this kind specific Cottage: Americas favourite domestic inside and outside celebrates the romance and ease that provide cottage houses their never-ending allure. With inspiring destinations, colourful gardens, comfortable interiors, and exciting nooks and crannies, the 24 cottages featured during this distinct assortment are bound to satisfaction with equivalent measures of allure and variety. Illustrated with marvelous images and watercolor drawings, the cottages span the rustic from Florida to the Pacific Northwest, with stops alongside the way in which at a switched over schoolhouse in Missouri, a prefab cottage in Wisconsin, a straw-bale cottage in California, and a cottage neighborhood in Washington country. even if new or reworked, everlasting domestic or weekend getaway, all of the cottages is in detail scaled, seamlessly associated with the panorama, and brimming with own aspect all stable explanation why the cottage continues to be Americas favourite domestic, in and out.

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Fireplaces can be made of masonry and/or steel, but the elemental nature of the cottage dictates a fireplace surround of indigenous stone or hearty brick. In this example, ashlar cut stone is set into rectangular chimney walls that bookend the cottage. The stone relates to the rocky setting and is a natural, local material that geographically defines the kitchen and living room. Local stone is the appropriate aesthetic choice for the fireplace, just as the well-engineered steel firebox and the exposed steel flue were the right functional choices.

56 ß Cottage COTTAGE PEDIGREE ေ WHAT’S IN A NAME? T he inspiration for cottage for a cottage in storied Ojibwa terri- names can come from any tory where the wind can be heard number of sources. It is said whistling through the cedars. A cottage name may have a spe- that the typical new subdivision is named for the natural amenity that cial, more private meaning for the was destroyed to make way for its owners. It might allude to an impor- development. Cottages more often tant event or a family tradition that are named for amenities that con- the owners want to perpetuate.

It might allude to an impor- development. Cottages more often tant event or a family tradition that are named for amenities that con- the owners want to perpetuate. Typ- tinue to characterize the area and that the cottage ically, cottage names are personal, maybe even owners cherish. Some owners choose a name that secretive, representing inside jokes and endearing describes the scenic or historical location or the associations—perhaps a child’s mispronunciation of unique pleasures of the place.

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