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By Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Maximus the Confessor, saint and martyr, is the theologian of synthesis: of Rome and Byzantium, of antiquity and the center a while, reexcavating the good treasures of Christian culture, which at the moment have been buried via imperial and ecclesial censure. Von Balthasar used to be an expert at the Church Fathers--Irenaeus, Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine, and especially, Maximus the Confessor. This masterpiece on Maximus broke new flooring at the moment. this can be the 1st English translation of the newest variation of this acclaimed paintings. This publication provides a robust, beautiful, religiously compelling portrait of the idea of a huge Christian theologian who may well, for this ebook, have remained merely an imprecise identify within the handbooks of patrology. the following the heritage of theology has develop into itself a fashion of theological mirrored image.

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The old man at first welcomed his captors' feigned willingness to change direction, but as he came to see its lack of substance, he held to his own convictions. He was abused, spit upon, and sentenced to a second exile in Mesembria. Mter a final trial in 662, the old man-now eighty-two-and his companions were scourged, their "blaspheming tongues" were cut out from their roots, and their right hands were cut off The companions were scattered; Maximus was sent to Lazia, on the east coast of the Black Sea.

58 If 56 [C onrad Ferdinand M eyer (1825-1898) , "Der romische Brunnen" (H . Zeller and A . Zach, eds. Conrad Ferdinand Meyer: Samtliih e Werke vol. I [Bern, 1963], 170) . ] 57 /11 0 1' Divinis 'IOIIIitlibIlS; PC 4, 40513. 5" AlI/bi~lI cl ; PC 91, I I H91l. 60 61 INTRODUCTION THE SYNTHESIS one wishes to conceive and describe this harmony, one's knowledge must possess, in the highest degree, that joyous calm that expresses the peace of this contemplative intuition. P has often been unjustly taken for obscurity and verbosity;" whereas it is in fact the result of an almost exaggerated precision.

34): 34- 93, I l r 70. 66 67 4. To give Maximus' three-dimensional conception of the world an unmistakable originality and unity, a fourth ingredient was needed: his polemic against the great heresies of the time, Monophysitism and Monothelitism. This polemic dominated the second half of his life and work and brought about his death as confessor of the faith. It shaped his theological attitudes to their very depths: he did not die simply for a formula, after all, but for the heart of the world.

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