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By Walter Houston

Contending for Justice analyses texts on social justice within the outdated Testament and argues that regardless of their ideological personality they might nonetheless help in shaping a Christian theological method of social and international injustice. The publication argues at the one hand category curiosity is occupied with all texts almost about social justice, and at the different that, that the very curiosity calls for that they need to attract the broadest attainable public by utilizing in most cases authorised moral and theological principles.

Four parts are set out in a hermeneutical suggestion: texts can be understood as rhetoric in actual social occasions, as ideology retaining a social place, as defining well-known moral values, and theologically as having a severe and positive capability for the interpreter's personal state of affairs. A moment bankruptcy makes an attempt to caricature the social stipulations during which such texts have been shaped. The hermeneutical scheme is then utilized, yet no longer rigidly, to a variety of texts: prophetic denunciations of oppression, texts in quite a few genres defining the features of the simply person, texts within the Psalms and Isaiah defining the obligation of the king to guard the negative, visions of a simply neighborhood within the prophets, phrases of Torah geared toward holding the indebted negative and restoring an autonomous peasantry, and assertions of the justice of God. The booklet concludes with short reflections at the worth of the outdated testomony as a source within the fight for justice. 

This new paperback variation is totally revised and updated.

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