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By William A Barry Sj, Robert J Doherty

During this enlightening e-book, William Barry and Robert Doherty clarify simply what makes Jesuits tick. via an exploration of Jesuit spirituality what makes it varied from different spiritualities, even Ignatian spirituality they assist readers comprehend
this non secular order that has performed an important position within the lifetime of members, of groups and of cultures.

They display that on the center of Jesuit spirituality lies a collection of lifegiving and inventive tensions among, for instance, companionship and undertaking, obedience and studying from adventure, and heart and outer edge within the Church.

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Ignatius wanted superiors to know the reality of their men so that they could make appropriate assignments. Among the things that he expected Jesuits to reveal in this account of conscience were their apostolic desires, the weaknesses and temptations to which they were prone, the strengths they possessed, their health, and so on. The superior needed to know his men in order to make good apostolic decisions as to how best to deploy them. He would be less likely to put a man in a job that might be injurious to him or to those with whom he was to work if he knew everything about him.

A close friend of the general superior Lorenzo Ricci and of many cardinals, wrote an account of the suppression to his brother, a book that has just been published in English. Near the end of the book he singles out Jesuit pride as a reason why God might have wanted the sup­ pression of the Society, a pride that showed itself in the very way Jesuit novices were trained . However, he also makes- clear that court ministers to the Bourbon kings and to the king ofPortugal hated the Jesuits for a number of reasons, but one reason espe­ cially stands out.

3 . The next point is that he should confer with one or more per­ sons in the house who seem more suitable and hear their opinions. 4. The third point is that, ridding himself of all affection and keep­ ing before his eyes the greater divine glory and the common good, 45 ti f · ;I ••j \', I \ " ' and the good of the individual as far as possible, he should weigh the reasons on both sides and make. his decision to dismiss or not. 5 . For the satisfaction of the one dismissed, three further points ought to be observed.

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