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By Keimpe Algra

Ideas of area in Greek notion reports old Greek theories of actual house and position, specifically these of the classical and Hellenistic interval. those theories are defined essentially just about the final philosophical or methodological framework in which they took form. precise cognizance is paid to the character and standing of the assets. introductory chapters care for the interrelations among a variety of innovations of area and with Greek spatial terminology (including case reports of the Eleatics, Democritus and Epicurus). the remainder chapters comprise designated reports at the theories of house of Plato, Aristotle, the early Peripatetics and the Stoics.
The e-book is mainly important for historians of historical physics, yet can also be of curiosity to scholars of Aristotelian dialectic, old metaphysics, doxography, and medieval and early sleek physics.

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For a brief but, to my mind, adequate refutation of Sedley's argument in this respect, see now Furley (1987) 112, n. 10. e. e.

The possibility of the existence of to kenon (not-Being) being excluded, the possibility of an internal admixture of void and the concomitant degrees of density is also excluded. In this passage the focus is clearly not on empty places, but on more (KEVEID'tEpov) or less empty parts of Being itself. e. which can serve as place, in § 8 the phenomenon of locomotion is not what is at stake. We are therefore here dealing with a concept of to kenon of the (c) kind. We may conclude, then, that the philosophy of Melissus shows empty place.

This allows him to make a comparison between chronologically and theoretically very divergent 'concepts of space': [ ... ] space, according to Aristotle is finite, matter being itself finite [ ... ] The idea of a finite physical space, thus understood, is not as absurd today as it must have appeared fifty years ago [ ... ] It is perhaps not wholly unjustified to suggest a comparison between the notion of 'physical space' in Aristotle's cosmology and the notion of Einstein's 'spherical space' as expounded in early relativistic cosmology.

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