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In the coronal stop deletion case, for example, if the only constraints implicated were a faithfulness constraint and a markedness constraint against complex codas, and these were freely ranked, then whenever the faithfulness constraint ranked higher, final -t,d would be retained, and whenever the markedness constraint prevailed, -t,d would be deleted. If these orderings were random, each should occur half the time, predicting a surface coronal stop deletion rate of 50%. However, more complicated cases generate different quantitative predictions.

For instance, was/were alternate in environments in second person singular you, first person plural we, existential there, and NP plural constructions (2a, b), but not in third person plural pronoun they constructions (2c). (2) (a) Buckie boats were a’ bonny graint. “Buckie boats were all nicely grained” (b) The mothers was roaring at ye comin’ in. “The mothers were shouting at you to come” (c) They were still like partying hard. “They were still partying hard” (2005:156) The claim is that the MP can account for was/were variation in the appropriate contexts as well as for the categorical occurrence of were in the environment of they subjects.

L031: How much is the price of cereal? ” (c) And who this is? ” (d) What they said on my phone? ” (e) How she broke her leg? ” (f) Where her brother? e. it is in the position following the subject, not preceding the 2 These examples were produced in spontaneous speech and elicitation tasks in research supported by an NSF grant (BCS-0214388) to the author (2002–2005). 33 34 lisa green subject). (Note that the main verb (copula) is has auxiliary properties. ) At first glance, the high rate of auxiliary and non-inversion might suggest that developing AAE-speaking children stay in the question developmental stage much longer than their MAE-speaking peers.

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