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By C. Oliver, A. Ledsham, R. Elvin

Certainly one of a chain of 6 books for students within the first years of secondary education. solutions for all 6 books are supplied in a separate resolution e-book

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Книга - рабочая тетрадь для обучения детей английской рукописи.
Для увеселения обучающихся снабжена забавными картинками и жизнерадостными персонажами. :)

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This sequence meets nationwide Curriculum criteria for: technological know-how: background and Nature of technological know-how, technology and expertise Social reviews: Time, Continuity, & switch

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WhAT DO YOu kNOW? OvERBOARD The first bombs were dropped over the side of the aircraft. Later, engineers developed specialized bomber aircraft equipped with bombsights, bomb racks beneath the body of the plane, and release controls operated by the pilot or crew members. Below: A Handley Page bomber Sky Bombers Even with the modest success of airships as bombers, the Allied and Central Powers were both developing airplanes to do the job. The first bomber plane was the French Voisin. It was a singleengine plane that could reach the impressive speed of 85 mph (137 kph) and carry over 600 pounds (272 kg) of explosives.

His troops would make their way across a 2,700-yard-wide (2,469 m) dry section of the canal. They would be joined by British troops. A narrow approach would cause troops and equipment to bunch up. To cover the advance, Currie called for the heaviest single-day bombardment of the entire war. Currie’s plan led to success in the September 27 attack. The Canadians continued to help capture Cambrai. By October 11, the Canadian Corps had reached Canal de la Sensée. After that, they were sent to help capture Mont Houy and Valenciennes in early November.

38 The Saint-Mihiel Salient The American Expeditionary Force (AEF) had provided support to the French forces at Belleau Wood and in the second battle for the Marne. American commander General John J. Pershing and Allied Supreme Commander Ferdinand Foch decided that the 1st Army of the AEF would establish its headquarters in the Saint-Mihiel salient. The salient had been under German occupation since the fall of 1914. By heavily fortifying the area, Germany effectively had blocked all rail transport between Paris and the Eastern Front.

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