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By Deog ki HONG, Chang-Hwan Lee, Hyun Kyu Lee, Dong-Pil Min, Tae-Sun Park, Mannque Rho

House observations are at the moment offering a glimpse of assorted new states of topic very likely found in compact stars, with terrestrial laboratories generating compelling facts in help. the purpose of this publication is to facilitate the trade of rules - either confirmed and emergent, either theoretical and experimental - within the parts of the physics of neutrinos, dense hadronic subject and compact stars.

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To be more specific, in Fig. 4 we plot the maximum mass of the QS sequence, the critical mass and the corresponding final mass Mjin as a function of B, in the particular case of the GM3 model for the EOS of the hadronic phase and taking a — 30MeV/fm 2 . 5MeV/fm for as = 0) for which atomic nuclei will be unstable to the decay to a drop of deconfined u,d quark matter 19 (non-strange QM). (1) B > B1. These "high" values of the bag constant do not allow the 29 B [MeV/fm Figure 4. The maximum mass MQs,max for the quark star configuartions (HS or SS), the critical mass Mcr and the mass Mfin of the stable QS to which it evolves are plotted as a function of the bag constant B.

The procedure is rather straightforward. First one computes, using the well known WentzelKramers-Brillouin (WKB) approximation, the ground state energy EQ and the oscillation frequency i^o of the virtual QM drop in the potential well U(R). Then it is possible to calculate in a relativistic framework the probability of tunneling as 35 po = exp [ — j (6) where A is the action under the potential barrier A(E) = - f c + {[2M(R)c2 + E-U(R)]x[U(R)-E}}1/2dR, (7) JR- R± being the classical turning points.

The values of some "measured" masses of compact stars in radio pulsars and in Vela X-l and Cygnus X-2 are also reported for comparison. has been recently shown 42 that the stellar magnetic field could influence the velocity of the "burning front" of hadronic matter into quark matter. This results in a strong geometrical asymmetry of the forming quark matter core along the direction of the stellar magnetic axis, thus providing a suitable mechanism 42 to produce a collimated GRB. Other anisotropics in the GRB could be generated by the rotation of the star.

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