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We're going to have to think about alternative tribunals and staging a sort of alternative Assizes really. A popular assizes to withdraw legitimacy and consent from the government, and we're going to have to talk about cutting off funds. For example Nuclear Free Zone local authorities should be encouraged to begin making noises to the magistrates associations in their area concerning the possible withdrawal of funds which a r e allocated for the administration of justice normally. Now i f people a r e going to courts citing evidence, establishing a prima facia case under valid laws of the land which have not been repealed, and they are being told that they are being vexatious and no reasons a r e being given why poisoning the globe should be considered lawful then we are entitled to say that t h i s is not the administration of justice at a l l , i t is becoming s e r v i t o r s of exterminism and funds should be cut off.

He is very self-reflective, wondering if he is more complicated and puffed-up than the monster Typhon, or else some simpler, gentler, less arrogant c r e a t u r e J 4 ) At the fictional age of 60 he says he still does not know himself though it has been his life's work. He gives two long speeches, one attacking love as madness, then stopped half-way and violently recanted, following by the other praising love as madness, nearly 4 dialogue in length. It culminates in a journey to the roof of the world to glimpse the hyperuranian beings (the Forms or Ideas), a journey taken by the winged mind of the philosopher, a psyche imagined as a winged chariot with charioteer and two winged horses, one of which is dark and lustful and rebellious, the other white and honourable and obedient.

But there a r e going to be tremendous problems with any approach because exterminism has a tremendous momentum in the world. There isn' t a trouble-free angle and the fact that there a r e problems with t h i s specific angle i s n ' t necessarily a reason not to develop i t and t r y and get round ' the problems. I'm not against defence and I ' m not against keeping t h e peace. I'm for them. m not against security services i n the sense that I'm in favour of security. And I don't see why I should give e i t h e r ~ a w o' r ' o r d e r over to those who a r e subverting the entire natural o r d e r with plutonium and threats of utter nihilism.

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