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Slaves were brought to the Americas from Africa partly to replace Indian workers who had been wiped out by European diseases. When Columbus sailed back to Spain in 1493, he left behind a group of sailors to form a colony in the new land. That colony did not survive. However, Columbus had “I say a gain tha opened the door for future t I stood looking and I th at it, ought t settlements in the Americas. ” up the slave trade from Bernal D íaz del C astillo, The Co nquest Africa. Millions of Africans of New Spain, written a round 15 were kidnapped and 65 brought to the Americas to work the land against their will.

This co untry has a] fine ap pearance the like of , which I ha v e n e v er seen anywhere in our Spa in, Italy, o r any part of Fra nce. ” Juan Jaram il lo , one of Coro nado’s capta describing ins, the Great P lains of cen tral Kansas In 1538, Coronado was governor of a province of Mexico. At that time, rumors were flying about the Seven Cities of Cíbola, supposedly located to the north. These cities were said to have buildings made from bricks of pure gold. The legends were of great interest to the 28-year-old conquistador.

Conrad. The Conquistadores: Building a Spanish Empire in the Americas. Child’s World, 2004. 47 48 Timeline 50,000 BC The first humans arrive in North America, by present-day Alaska. Glossary 50,000 BC AD 1000 Vikings reach the shores of what is now Canada. Christianity (KRIHS-chee-AN-uh-tee) Indies (IHN-dees) a religion founded on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ; the main religion of Europe during the Age of Discovery the word used during Columbus’s day to refer to the areas now known as Iran, India, China, and Japan colony (KOL-uh-nee) legend (LEHJ-uhnd) a group of people who settle in a distant land while remaining citizens of their original country; also the word for the place they settle a story passed down from one generation to another that may not be true conquistador (kon-KEES-tuh-dohr) a leader of the sixteenth-century Spanish expeditions that came to the Americas to find gold and convert Indians to Christianity 1492 Columbus arrives in the Americas.

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