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By Thomas L Purvis

From the 1st ecu explorations of the Americas to the arriving of age of yank towns within the 18th century

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When conditions were most favorable for tracking animals who drifted east from what is now Siberia to Alaska. Their descendants ultimately dispersed throughout the Americas to adapt themselves to a wide variety of ecological environments. The earliest Native Americans organized their way of life around big-game hunting. C. , when they first began to forage natural plants and to experiment with seed germination, occupants of what is now the southwestern United States and northern Mexico successfully bred a hybrid of wild grass into corn.

Hurricane sinks 4 ships in the Bahama Channel off Fla. Jan. 7, 1608 Fire destroys Jamestown,Va. Aug. , and sinks 1 ship. … Sep. 6, 1622 Hurricane sinks at leat 9 ships off the Fla. Keys. scores Apr. 26, 1623 Sea storm sinks 2 ships in the Bahama Channel off Fla. Y. … Jun. 11, 1638 Earthquake centered in St. Lawrence valley is felt as far away as Conn. I. , people clutch objects to avoid falling, and ships are swayed at sea. … 1576 A tempest sinks 1 ship in the Bahama Channel off Fla. Nov. 3, 1579 Sep.

Susquehanna Oneida Neutral Honniasont Nipis sing Ojibwa ac icm r ve nc ALGO NQ UIA N M Lake Superior Montagnais eR i INDIAN GROUPS, ABOUT 1500 S a t. L w re Malecite Ottowa Menominee Dakota Winnebago Lake Huron i taw m ato Petun Po Lake Ontario Sauk Fox ie Nauset e Er W Erie r r a a m pan Honniasont oag p m gan s Shawnee et Delaware u c Sus Montauk que h Co an law (Lenni Lenape) no no Delaware Pis y c cat Sapone awa y Conoy Moneton Nanticoke non Miami Wea p issip iss O Ri hi o k Mosopelea Shawnee M Piankashaw hro Lak Kaskaskia Illinois IS UO ERACY Q IRO NFED CO ki na b A Penacook Pocumtuck Massachuset a N i N tic an t Ni quo Pe gan he Mo inger pp an Wa ohic M Mascouten Ki ck a Neutral o po Peoria Huron nro We Lake Mich igan Passamaquoddy Penobscot r ve iR POWHATAN TA CONFEDERACY ive Monacan Occaneechi Tutelo r ot N hi er ok ee Yu c Ch Natchez Houma Alabama Choctaw Biloxi Creek Cusabo Yamasee Hitchiti Westo Shawnee Chiaha Tamathli Apalachee ay Koasati w ta Chickasaw Weapemeoc Tuscarora Sugaree Secotan Waxhaw Chowanoc Cheraw Catawba Wateree Pedee Waccamaw Eno Atlantic Ocean Guale Timucua N Gulf of Mexico Seminole Calusa Tekesta 0 0 150 150 300 miles 300 kilometers This map shows the most numerous Native American groups inhabiting the area east of the Mississippi.

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