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Minntisk Barnabas postoli á flat hversu vel Clemens haffli hans mlum tekit í Rúmaborg. Hann fylgfli honum á fund Pétrs postola, en hann tók vifl honum feginsamliga vel. En fm dƒgum síflarr var fling fiƒlmennt á stræti nær húsum fleim es Zacheus byskup átti. Í borginni var stƒpull hr miƒk. fiar haffli herbergi í stƒpli fleim Símon inn illi ok inn fiƒlkungi ok vera lézk kraptr Gufls. Hann talflisk vera sólin ipsa, en konu sína kallafli hann tungl vera es kvenkenndu namni heitir luna á latínu tungu. Stiƒrnur flær fimm es lausar fara í lopti ok planete heita at bókmáli, talfli hann flær ambáttir vera konu sinnar.

I went during the day, dressed as I am now, into the temple of the Sun God who is called Apollo and will never lie. I brought offerings there to the Sun God and afterwards I asked what the future would be for my sons. And I received there these answers: “Take your two sons, Faustus and Faustinus, and prepare them for a journey and go with them to Syria and hand them over to be brought up by the wisest philosophers. They will become distinguished teachers. ’ Then he made ready a good ship, and his wife and his two elder sons boarded it with much treasure and a magnificent retinue.

Brotnafli skip flat allt í sundr ok t‡ndusk fiárhlutir allir fleir es á skipinu vru ok engi maflr komsk á land nema Faustinianus einn ok varfl honum vifl bana siálfan. En er hann tók hvíld á landi ok l‡sa tók flá kenndi hann hvar hann var kominn. Hann gekk í borg nøkkvera litla ok fekk hann flar góflar vifltƒkur, en engi maflr kenndi hann flar. Hann gekk flar í s‡slu mikla ok gerflisk hann flar varflmaflr í borg fleiri. fiá s‡slu haffli hann átián vetr efla litlu miflr unz flingat kom Petrus postoli ok kenndi honum trú rétta.

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