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By Thomas R. Gilbert, Rein V. Kirss, Geoffrey Davies, Natalie Foster

The moment version of Chemistry presents an efficient and easy-to-remember problem-solving method whereas putting the technological know-how in organic, cosmological, geological, and environmental context.

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Only a few of them (such as gold, silver, and sulfur) are found in nature as pure substances. Most elements occur in chemical combination with other elements in the form of compounds. A compound is a pure substance that consists of two or .. , • " . ,.. t A homogeneous mixture consists of components that are distributed uniformly throughout and have no visible boundaries or regions. - A heterogeneous mixture has distinct regions of different composition, like particles of silt suspended in water.

The weak-link principle for significant figures also applies to calculations requiring addition and subtraction, but we handle the numbers in a different way than in multiplication and division. To illustrate, let's revisit the determination of the density of a nugget of gold. How might we determine the volume of such an irregular object? One approach, if the object is more dense than water, is to measure the volume of water that it displaces. 16. Note that the scale on the cylinder is graduated in milliliters.

All methods have an inherent limit on their ability to produce accurate results, and we need ways to express experimental results that reflect those limits. We do so by expressing numerical data from experiments to the appropriate number of significant figures. The number of significant figures in a measured value, or in the result of a calculation based on one or more measured values, indicates how certain we are of the value. 15. We assume both balances are working properly. 01 g. 5271 g. The mass obtained with the lefthand balance has three significant figures: the digits 2, 5, and 3 are considered significant, which means that we are confident in their values.

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