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By A.W. Richard Sipe

In the middle of the worst difficulty the Catholic Church has noticeable in virtually 500 years, this ebook demanding situations Catholic gurus to resume, reconsider, or reform the long-standing establishment of celibacy.

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In a flood of insight he realized that sex is not just a physical instinct, but an expression of the tremendous spiritual force behind all love and creativity which the Hindu scriptures call kundalini, the life force of evolution. All his life it had been his master, buffeting him this way and that beyond his control. But in the silence of the Natal hills, with all his burning desire to serve focused by weeks of tending to the wounded and dying, Gandhi found the strength to tap this power at its source.

The goal of Christian celibacy is the enhancement of love. The nature of love makes easy philosophy, but complex reality. “What in primitive religions had served to idealize the natural functions of man now became a means of transcending nature. Love turned into a supernatural device, and in Christianity it became the very essence of God. “In the ancient and the medieval world philosophical idealizations were primarily transcendental” (Singer, 1984, p. 42). The celibate, removed from sexual activity and involvement, is forced to grapple with that transcendental nature of love.

Sister resolved to stand her ground and admit the awful truth—she had never had a sexual encounter. As this exhibitionists’ round-robin made its way to her, she disclosed her dreadful secret. The students thought they had been prepared for everything, but not for this! Chastity was just too far out. Between their gasps of incomprehension and guffaws of unbelief, she managed to explain that she was a religious sister. The response of the group completely reversed. Her classmates were delighted, awestruck, and deeply moved.

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