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By Paul Magdalino (ed)

One thousand years in the past, the Byzantine Empire was once achieving the peak of its revival as a mediaeval country. the 10 contributions to this quantity through students from six eu nations re-evaluate key elements of the empire's politics and tradition within the lengthy reign of the emperor Basil II.

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On the question of Theophano’s dowry, see above, n. 56. 74 Westermann-Angerhausen, “Theophano”, pp. 258–9. 75 R. Landes, “The fear of an apocalyptic year 1000: Augustinian historiography, Medieval and Modern”, Speculum 75 (2000), 118–45. On eastern expectations of the End around 1000 see Brandes, “Liudprand”, 455–63; and Magdalino, below. 76 A. ), Theophanu, I, 211, 71 72     21 This raises the question as to the activities of, and policies adopted by, Theophano once she was established as coimperatrix of Otto II and, upon his death, as imperatrix augusta.

Leyser, “Ottonian government”, English Historical Review 96 (1981), 747–52; idem, “Ritual, Ceremony and Gesture: Ottonian Germany”, in his Communications and Power, I, ed. Reuter, 192–202; Keller, “Herrschersiegel”, 40–6; T. Reuter, “‘Regemque, quem in Francia pene perdidit, in patria magnifice recepit . ’”, G. Althoff and E. ), Herrschaftsrepräsentation im ottonischen Sachsen, Vorträge und Forschungen 46 (Sigmaringen, 1998), 363–80; M. Innes, State and Society in the Early Middle Ages. A. Warner, “Ritual and memory in the Ottonian Reich: the ceremony of adventus”, Speculum 76 (2001), 255–83.

110 As noted above, the evocation of eastern imperial manners could well have been carried out with a competitive eye to the political kinship between Vladimir and the Byzantine basileus. And by dramatizing his ‘apostolic’ role and venerating the relics of his former mentor, Adalbert, as a ‘martyr for Christ’, Otto was laying claim to be at least as strenuous an evangelizer as his eastern counterparts. But, as with the Christomimesis portrayed in Liuthar’s Gospel Book, Otto might also have been signalling a further, transcendental, role when he placed his crown on Boleslaw’s head.

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