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By Vladimir Manea

This thesis stories result of precision mass spectrometry of unique nuclides as a way of elucidating their constitution. The paintings used to be played with the ISOLTRAP spectrometer at CERN’s ISOLDE facility. the writer in addition bargains an summary of current innovations utilized in Penning-trap mass spectrometry and likewise experiences on contemporary promising advancements concerning ISOLTRAP. This eloquently written remedy covers either concept and scan, and encompasses a basic phenomenological advent to the nuclear-structure instinct inside the developments of nuclear binding energies.

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2d, the conversion between magnetron and modified cyclotron motion is illustrated. Considering the typical frequencies of an ion’s eigenmotions in ISOLTRAP’s Penning trap, the required driving fields are in the radio-frequency domain and can be produced using standard signal generators. In [Bol90] a detailed description of the different types of excitation is given. The response of the ion to an external resonant excitation depends on the initial radii and phases of the ion’s eigenmotions, as well as the amplitude, phase and duration of the excitation signal.

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