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By Jean Danielou

Over the last forty years, there was a revival in the Catholic Church spotting the biblical roots of the liturgy. Figures akin to Scott Hahn have led the way in which for Catholics - and non-Catholics - to appreciate the deep Scriptural foundation for a number of the liturgies in the Church, in particular the Mass. Fr. Jean Danielou used to be the forerunner of this revival, and this publication, "The Bible and the Liturgy" is among the foundational stones of this edifice.

Fr. Danielou, who used to be made a Cardinal via Pope Paul VI in 1969, used to be a huge determine within the "resourcement" stream within the Catholic Church resulting in Vatican II. This move wanted to "return to the assets" for realizing all points of Catholic theology together with the liturgy; the assets they wanted to come to have been basically the writings of Scripture and the Church Fathers. This publication, initially written in 1956, is a excellent fruit of this circulate, as Fr. Danielou explores the biblical roots of the liturgy as understood by way of the Church Fathers. The e-book basically specializes in the 3 sacraments of initiation: baptism, affirmation, and the Eucharist, and follows the advance of the rites of those 3 sacraments, from their biblical roots to their perform within the first 5 centuries of Christianity. yet the place this e-book rather shines is in its research of the Sabbath and its successor, the Lord's Day. Fr. Danielou explores some of the photographs the Fathers used to provide an explanation for the move of the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, the "Eighth Day." this can be theology that's usually forgotten this present day, however it has a truly sensible software in assisting Christians at the present time to put aside an afternoon for the worship of the Lord.

This is a publication that may be learn many times to a lot revenue. The college of Notre Dame Press is to be recommended for republishing this vintage of liturgical theology.

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This is the sign of that shining World, of that kind of life to which you have already come by means of symbols. When indeed you receive the resurrection in full reality and are clothed with immortality and incorruptibility, you will have no further need of such garments" ( XIV, 26). This glory is a participation in the glory of Our Lord at His Transfiguration when "His garments became white as snow" ( Matthew XVIL2). 26 "He who is baptized is pure, according to the Gospel, because the garments of Christ were white as snow when, in the Gospel, He showed forth the glory of His resurrection.

And to this characteristic, another is added: the fact that the "Spirit of God was carried over the waters, He Who was to recreate the baptized. The Holy One was carried over that which ____________________ 5 Paul Humbert, "Emplois et portée du verbe bara dans l'Ancien Testament," Theol. , 1947, p. 401 et seqq. 6 See N-A Dahl, "La terre où coulent le lait et le miel," Mélanges Goguel, 1950, pp. 62 - 70 . -72was holy, or, rather, over that which could receive holiness from Him Who was carried. It is thus that the nature of water, sanctified by the Spirit, received the capability of itself becoming sanctifying.

119 et seq. Cyril uses it especially for the post-baptismal anointing. ( XXXIII, 1093 B). 17 See St. Athanasius, The Life of St. Antony, translated and annotated by R. T. Meyer , Westminster, 1950, p. 110-111. " 18 But the deacon insisted, and the guard gave him the key. Scarcely had he taken off his clothes and entered, than all kinds of terrors were evoked by the demon, phantoms of all sorts appeared in a mixture of flame and smoke, striking his gaze with the forms of men and animals, hissing in his ears, coming so near he could breathe on them, spreading themselves in a circle all round his body.

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