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Video clips that have drawn idea from the Bible, both without delay or ultimately, were very hot because the earliest days of cinema. Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films introduces quite a lot of these video clips, that are one of the most vital, critically-acclaimed and highest-grossing motion pictures of all time, including:

The King of Kings Ben-Hur the eagerness of the Christ Frankenstein shut Encounters of the 3rd style 2001: an area Odyssey Apocalypse Now Monty Python s lifetime of Brian.

Written through a crew of overseas students, the fifty entries talk about the Biblical tales, characters or motifs depicted in each one movie making this booklet the proper advisor for someone attracted to the long-standing courting among the Bible and picture.

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The stars', director's and producer's names are given some time on the screen, and then the rest of the numerous credits fly by. The audience participates throughout the movie. If fan clubs are present, they cheer and throw confetti when their star appears. The dialogue may be drowned out by the cheers, but this is not an annoyance to other viewers when the show is an old MGR or Shivaji movie, since most people have seen the movie before and many know the important bits by heart. Viewers may boo the villains and cheer the heroes, especially in older movies; young men may hoot or whistle at love scenes.

There is a hierarchy of tickets and seats within most theaters as well. The standard theater has four classes of seats, with ticket prices in 1987 ranging from about 85 paise to Rs. 10 for IV class to Rs. 50 to Rs. 25 or so for I class; by 1990, ticket prices in Madurai had doubled. Class IV seating begins directly in front of the screen. Seating is on backless wooden benches, which are packed with people when the theater is full. The only electric fans in this section stick out from the walls on either side of the very wide theater.

Classes III and IV both have one great advantage over the more luxurious padded seats above them: their wooden benches have no bedbugs. In standard Madurai theaters the I and II class seats, padded and covered with vinyl, are (in my experience) invariably host to what Tamils call red bugs (civappu puuccikat). Class I is at the far back of the theater, in the balcony, and the II class seats are in front of them. Both have plenty of ceiling fans (and because of the balcony are much closer to them than are the seats below), and except that the more expensive seats are at the very back, the two classes are virtually identical.

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