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The extraordinary and tragic occasions in manhattan, Washington and Pennsylvania left an indelible mark on international politics. Civilian deaths in terrible conditions prompted an uncompromising reaction from the united states management and its allies: an open-ended 'war on terrorism'. This anthology contains the various world's prime commentators - Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Naomi Klein, John Pilger, Paul Foot and A.Sivanandan. It provides obtainable, distinctive and sometimes deeply own debts of the aftermath, the bombing of Afghanistan and the doubtful claims for its legality. From investigative reporters to serious lecturers, human rights legal professionals and anti-racist campaigners, the members are united of their competition to army intervention in Afghanistan and past and to the assault on civil liberties within the US, the united kingdom and Europe. From the U.S. and Canada, Herman and Julia Schwendinger, Jonathan Farley, Tony Platt, Cecilia O'Leary, Christian Parenti and Michael Mandel are between severe lecturers who investigate the validity, lawfulness and political outcomes of the Bush/Blair time table. ecu established commentators contain Martti Gronfors and Thomas Mathiesen. studying the the context and rhetoric people vengeance -- ennobled by way of the symbolic name 'Enduring Freedom' -- they problem political and renowned definitions, constructions,pathologisation and reporting of terrorism. In wondering the illustration of warfare as 'just', the anthology specializes in civilian deaths in Afghanistan, proof of US/allied atrocities, violations of prisoners' rights and US decision to amplify army offensives, despite worldwide destabilisation.

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Because we are at war, we do not have to abandon our capacity for humility and self-criticism, nor the search in other cultures for the inspiration for new thinking. This last is what the liberal fundamentalist rejects, satisfied that he or she has nothing to learn from deep engagement with other cultures. Lurking in that is a rigid belief in universal values established in the eighteenth century in the American and French revolutions. It is a dangerous trap to conflate liberalism as a political doctrine with liberalism as an all-encompassing rationalist principle.

But crisis and conflict have had a crucial role in formulating our conception of justice, as Francesca Klug points out in her book on the history of human rights, Values for a Godless Age. HG Wells sent a letter to The Times in 1939, with a draft declaration, arguing that it was important that people knew why and what they were fighting for: ‘At various crises ... ’ The Daily Herald set aside a daily page to debate his declaration; it was translated into 30 languages and dropped over occupied Europe.

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