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Teen Health: Course 1

[ youngster future health, path 1 Glencoe ( writer ) ] { Hardcover } 2006

Topsy and Tim Make a New Friend

Topsy and Tim books are divided into 5 issues: tuition; going out; precise acquaintances; first reports; and those who aid us. They current enjoyable, genuine tales facing new studies and storylines fitted to ''read to'' and older ''self read'' events.

Happy Pilgrims

A notable debut from a very promising younger author. In twelve wealthy brief tales that stream from small-town existence to old-time Hollywood, from devotion in a tiny Irish parish to the three-ring piety of Lourdes, Stephen Finucan makes a startling visual appeal in American literature. His vivid characters face poignant battles with faith, braveness and way of life.

The Berenstain Bears on the Job (First Time Books(R))

Illus. in complete colour. Brother and Sister meet Firebear Bob, Police Officer Marguerite, and others as they struggle to find "What will I be whilst I develop up? ".  

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