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Created via the continual suggestions of a "student-tested, faculty-approved" approach, Behavioral Sciences STAT 2 promises a visually attractive, succinct print part, tear-out overview playing cards for college kids and teachers and a constant on-line delivering with CourseMate that comes with an e-book as well as a suite of interactive electronic instruments all at a value-based expense and confirmed to extend retention and outcomes.

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3-3 Computing the Mean, Median, and Mode 3-4 Applying the Mean to Research 3-5 Describing the Population Mean 36 • What the mean, median, and mode indicate and when each is appropriate. • The uses of the mean. • What deviations around the mean are. • How to interpret and graph the results of an experiment. T he frequency distributions discussed in Chapter 2 are important because the shape of the distribution is always the first important characteristic of data for us to know. However, graphs and tables are not the most efficient way to summarize a distribution.

We may create two types of graphs here, either a histogram or a polygon. CREATING HISTOGRAMS We create a histogram when we have a small number of different interval or ratio scores. A histogram is similar to a bar graph except that in a histogram, the adjacent bars touch. 2. Again, the height of each bar indicates the corresponding score’s frequency. Because the adjacent bars touch, there is no gap between the scores on the X axis. This communicates In a histogram the adjacent bars touch; in a bar graph they do not.

5. To show the number of people who are above average weight by each amount between 0 and 100 pounds, plot a _____. > Answers 1. bar graph; histogram; polygon 2. data point 3. histogram 4. bar graph 5. 3 we placed a data point over the X of 4 at an f of 4. 2-3 TYPES OF FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS Although bar graphs and histograms are more common in published research, polygons are an important component of statistical procedures. This is because, in many different situations, nature produces frequency Chapter 2: Creating and Using Frequency Distributions Copyright 2013 Cengage Learning.

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