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By J Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti believed that “education is the guts of the matter.” His longstanding hindrance with the character and difficulties of schooling led him to stumbled on faculties in India, England, and the United States, and his conversations with scholars, academics, and oldsters shape the key a part of Beginnings of studying. those full of life, frequently intimate exchanges activate functional, daily issues in addition to wider philosophical concerns, as Krishnamurti encourages his viewers to understand that the start of knowledge is self-knowledge. Jiddu Krishnamurti was once born in southern India in 1895 and died in 1986. The essence of his teachings is that societal swap and international peace can purely take place via a whole switch of person awareness.

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We are completely ignorant of so many things. Questioner: May I ask something? When someone is violent in his practice of yoga - in the way he does it - and you are constantly warning him, mostly this does not help the person to realize his own violence; he may at the time realize it, but he keeps on. In the same way, one could oneself have been doing certain things for a very long time until suddenly one realizes it. Krishnamurti: True. Questioner: Is it possible to educate someone who has not gone through a natural kind of maturation, like a plant?

How do you come by it? When you have examined a problem thoroughly and you come to this point, what do you do? " You follow? html (8 of 12) [27/04/2008 00:07:09] BEGINNINGS OF LEARNING PART I CHAPTER 4 SCHOOL DIALOGUE BROCKWOOD PARK 8TH SEPTEMBER 1970 without resistance, without following the crowd - going to parties, the whole stupefying process of modern existence: that is real education. Now watch! - because this issue will exist right through life. As we have said, if you suppress it there is danger it will explode in other directions; and if you yield, or play tricks with it, it will destroy you, destroy the mind.

Html (6 of 19) [27/04/2008 00:07:02] BEGINNINGS OF LEARNING PART I CHAPTER 2 SCHOOL DIALOGUE BROCKWOOD PARK 18TH SEPTEMBER 1970 Krishnamurti: Therefore find out if you have got the feeling of getting something out of it. You are beginning to learn something which you can't learn from a book. Questioner: The idea of getting something out of it doesn't necessarily come in. If we want to build a house, I see that it will be easier for you and me to work along together. We organize it from the start and we cooperate with one another to build the house.

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