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W ), . <',/ : ,_.. ,.. --:. > •• ·' . \ . : ~ ,J,, :, ;,· r ~ , ,. • tf" . A ~.... -t·· . ,.. .. , -...... f.. •. r ... ',. The Spalentor is one of the finest mediaeval town gates of the later 14th century, and is in an excellent state of preservation. The reetangular main tower with the pointed roof is flanked by two round towers with crenellations. The old portcullis is still in working order. The outwork with consoles by Jakob Sarbach adds weight to its appearance. Above the entrance on the outside is a Madonna and Child in sandstone seated on a demilune; it dates from about 1420 and is one of the most beautiful in this region.

Spalentor The Market Place is now a medley of architectural styles, some less good than others. Next to the Town Hall was the Haus zum Gold, where the Basle daily 'National-Zeitung' had its offices. arge windows, with frescoes. When it was demolished in 1951 these remarkable paintings were destroyed, though the original designs have been preserved. 18 La place du Marche, du point de vue architectural, manque d'homogeneite. On y rencontre un grand nombre de styles, et pas toujours des meilleurs.

The Arsenal was not always used for military purposes, in fact it was originally built in 1437 as a granary to cope with the needs of the enormous excess population that had crowded into the town during the Council of Basle (1431-1438). 12 A l'endroit ou se trouve aujourd'hui 1e corps principal de l'universite, sur la place Saint-Pierre, s'elevait jusqu'en 1936 le vieil arsenal, lui-meme construit sur l'emplacement de l'ancien cimetiere des juifs. Ses deux fa9ades, aux pignons a redans, avaient un aspect particulierement imposant, qui faisait paraitre plus modestes encore les maisons d'alentour.

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