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The function of this monograph is to check the identified actual features of 2 strange types of atmospheric luminous phenomena, to infer their features and homes, and to advertise efforts to enhance their knowing. those types, referred to as ball lightning and bead lightning, have visible photographs that fluctuate from the linear snapshot linked to normallightning. The phrases "balliightning" and "bead lightning" are used to indicate atmospheric luminous varieties that are sometimes saw and feature the geometrie form recommended by means of their identify. Vet, it really is attainable that neither phenomenon might actually be a kind of lightning within the feel of a continuing electric discharge. Bead lightning has been defined because the residue of a cloud-to­ cloud or cloud-to-ground lightning stroke and has the looks of aseries of luminous balls separated by way of darkish areas, therefore equivalent to astring of pearls, and continues to be noticeable for approximately one moment. Ball lightning has been defined as a unmarried luminous globe showing ne ar the floor after a lightning stroke and likewise ultimate seen for approximately one moment. either phenomena stay noticeable a long way longer than basic lightning flashes.

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11. Movie ca me ra photograph of the persistent illumination remaining after a triggered lightning discharge. 3 sec. Reproduced with permission of P. N. Saclay. France, after P. Hubert, "Tentative pour Observer la Foudre en Boule dans la Vaisinage d'Eclairs Declenches Artificiellement," Rapport DPH/EPI76/349, 5 Mai 1975, Commissariat 11 I'Energie Atomique, Service d'Electronique Physique, Center d'Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay, France. 12. Still camera photograph made in the mid- USA at one of the automated sites opera ted by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

Several experimental results have shown that colors are related to impurities present at the time of ball ignition or to impurities that develop during the lifetime. Barry (1968a,c) reported a yellow and yellow-red color wh ich was associated with a low-density spherical hydrocarbon flame. Powell and Finkelstein (1969, 1970) reported white and yellow-white colors with normal air excited by radiofrequency discharge techniques. These colors were identified as predominantly CO 2 molecular emissions, and other colors, such as yellow, appeared as the density of N0 2 increased.

2 m) deep. In contrast to these reports of serious damage, others have indicated that ball lightning does not emit heat and does not cause harm to Ball Lightning 39 objects. Margs (1956) reported that no heat was detected by a dose observer, but that the fireball damaged a roof. In contrast, Muirhead (1883) observed a ball lightning on a roof which caused no damage. Browne (1964), analyzing a balliightning event in 1665, indicated that no heat was feit and no damage found after the object struck a house.

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