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By Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Hermann Haken, Professor Dr. Hans Christoph Wolf (auth.)

Atomic physics and its underlying quantum concept are the purpose of departure for plenty of smooth parts of physics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, or even electric engineering. This textbook presents a cautious and eminently readable creation to the consequences and strategies of empirical atomic physics. the scholar will gather the instruments of quantum physics and even as find out about the interaction among test and conception. A bankruptcy at the quantum concept of the chemical bond presents the reader with an creation to molecular physics. lots of difficulties are given to explain the cloth. The authors additionally speak about laser physics and nonlinear spectroscopy, incorporating most recent experimental effects and displaying their relevance to easy study. additional goods within the moment version contain suggestions to the workouts, derivations of the relativistic Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations, a close theoretical derivation of the Lamb shift, a dialogue of latest advancements within the spectroscopy of internal shells, and new purposes of NMR spectroscopy, for example tomography.

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0 is in principle not physically relevant: this is a result of the model, since 0 = 0 means that b = 00. An infinite value of the impact parameter is, however, unreasonable given the assumed dense packing of the target atoms; the largest possible impact parameter is equal to half the distance between target atoms in the foil. For 0= n, dnln shows a minimum. This corresponds to b = O. 20) and the experiments. This occurs because the model of a deflection of the alpha particles by the Coulomb field of the nuclei alone is insufficient.

N. Uyeda, Kyoto University) 22 2. The Mass and Size of the Atom Scintillator Light guide Photocathode Eye screen () Electrodes ("dynodes") Fig. 16. Spinthariscope, schematic illustration. The fluorescent screen scintillates due to the irradiation from the radioactive source. The scintillation processes may be observed through the magnifying lens Anode Fig. 17. Schematic diagram of a scintillation detector. The light flashes which are produced in the scintillator by the incident radiation pass through the light guide to the photocathode of an electron multiplier tube.

Graphical representation of the experimental results of Geiger and Marsden for the Rutherford scattering of alpha particles by a gold foil. The scattering rate N is plotted as a function of the scattering angle 9. 2 Passage of Alpha Particles Through Matter (Rutherford Scattering) 39 Fig. 6. Cloud chamber photographs of alpha particles. Collision processes with the gas in the chamber can be seen; left, the chamber gas is hydrogen, right. it is helium. In hydrogen, the alpha particle is only slightly deflected from a straightline track , while the hydrogen target nucleus recoils sharply off to the left.

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