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By O. Gingerich, J. Dobrzycki (eds.)

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Note 8), no. 601a. ) See further C. S c h o y , Beitrdgc arabiifohen Trigommetrie, (see note 16), pp. 3t*4 —3fl5t and 1). A. K ing, The Astronomical Works of Ibn Yunus, doctoral disaertation, Yale University, 1972, pp. 8 6 —89, 9tt —99, and 109. 4. K iw j from Ibn Yfirms’ nine tables. Whilst these tables are not particularly accurate, they prove that for a mathematician his heart was in the right place. Over four centuries were to elapse before the compilation in Samar­ kand of the magnificent trigonometric tables contained in tlie Zlj rtf (^liigh Beg and later also copied separately.

Die GesclriclUe der ZeitiMwuiu} und der Uhren, Band IF, Berlin —Leipzig, 1923, pp. 3 6 —42, und Abkandlnug de$ al-ffamn. ibn al-Hasan ibn al-Haihim (Alhazen) utter die liestimmung der Rwhtunff der Qibla, "Zeiteolmft der Deutschen Morgenlandittcherit Geeellschaft”, 75, 1921. pp. 242—253, and also D. A. K in g. op. eil. {note 18), pp. 2r)(i —2fi8 and note 31 below. ,B For example, B ch oy’a article on al-Nnyrizi cited in note 29 eouttutu; {pp07 68) a list by the Damascus astronomer Ibn Zurayq, a eucceaeor of Ibu al-Shaiir.

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