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The Pacific timezone is centered on 120◦ W longitude, the Mountain timezone is centered on 105◦ longitude, etc. 4 Equation of Time June solstice at solstice, all of Sun’s motion is eastward. vernal equinox equinox celestial equator at equinox, part of Sun’s motion is eastward and part is north-south. December solstice There is a further complication in that the actual Sun’s drift against the stars is not uniform. Part of the non-uniformity is due to the fact that on top of the general eastward drift among the stars, the Sun is moving along the ecliptic northward or southward with respect to the celestial equator.

The Sun will rise in the southeast, follow a short, low arc south of the celestial equator, and set in the southwest. The exact path it follows depends on the date and the observer’s latitude. Make sure you understand this. No matter where you are on the Earth, you will see 1/2 of the celestial equator’s arc. Since the sky appears to rotate around you in 24 hours, anything on the celestial equator takes 12 hours to go from exact east to exact west. Every celestial object’s diurnal (daily) motion is parallel to the celestial equator.

E. it will officially be in Aquarius) which is what a popular song of years ago refers to with the line “this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. , the bright star in the tail of Cygnus, Deneb will be the pole star and Vega 43 44 Strobel: Astronomy Notes, 2007 Edition © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2007 3. E. Horoscopes today are still based on the 4,000-year old Babylonian system so even though the Sun is in Aries on my birthday, the zodiac sign used for my horoscope is Taurus. I guess it’s hard to keep up with all of the changes in the modern world!

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