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By Stephen P. Maran

The enjoyable and simple method to discover the evening sky

Do you recognize the adaptation among a crimson vast and a white dwarf? From asteroids to black holes, this easy-to-understand consultant takes you on a grand journey of the universe. that includes up-to-date famous person maps, charts, and an insert with beautiful full-color pictures, Astronomy For Dummies presents an easy-to-follow creation to the evening sky. Plus, this new version additionally supplies the most recent theories, motives, and insights into the elemental workings of the universe.

• comprises up-to-date schedules of coming eclipses of the solar and Moon and a revised planetary appendix
• Covers fresh discoveries in area, corresponding to water at the Moon and Pluto's demotion from "planet" status
• Collects new web pages, lists of telescope resorts, sky-watching publications, and recommendations for beginner's telescopes and suppliers
• Brings you up-to-speed at the most up-to-date social tendencies and private expertise, reminiscent of stargazing cellular apps, NASA video, and the superiority of "Citizen Science" networks

Whether you're an novice astronomer, area fanatic, or enrolled in a primary 12 months astronomy path, Astronomy For Dummies has you coated.

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HUBBLE NORTHERN DEEP FIELD H o w far can our telescopes see into space? In 1995, R . Williams (NASA) and the Hubble Deep Field Te a m u s e d t h e H S T t o i m a g e a n a r e a a b o v e t h e fam o u s B ig D ipper star pattern--an area that a p p e a red devoid of stars. The astronom e r s t o o k 3 0 0 i m a g e s o f t h e s a m e a rea of the sky over a period of 10 days, hoping to see objects four billio n tim e s fainter than the lim it o f hum a n v ision. W h e n the p h o t o g r a p h s w e r e c o m b ined, astronom e rs w e re a s t o n ished to find that they had discovered t h o u s a n d s o f p r e v i o u s l y u n d e t e c t e d g a laxies, lying billio n s o f lig h t y e a r s a w a y !

5 m illio n k ilo m e ters) per hour. T h e central star, not visible in this im a g e , radiates five m illio n tim e s m o r e p o w e r t h a n o u r s u n ! 35 In Figure 9, Eta Carinae is shown as a tactile o u tlin e . G a s e s a r e r e p r e s e n t e d b y b r o k e n c u r v e d lines. 36 Figure 10. G A S E O U S P ILLARS IN M16 THE EAGLE NEBULA N o t all n e b u lae are the result of dying stars. W ithin t h e c o n s t e llation of Serpens is M 1 6 , also called the E a g le N e b u la.

T h e g a l a x y, w ith s p iral arms, is in tactile outline. Stars are show n a s r a i s e d d o t s a n d b u m p y texture. 48 Figure 13. GALAXY CLUSTER ABELL 2218 G a laxies com e in different shapes. O u r M i l k y W a y G a laxy is spiral-shaped. Som e g a l a x i e s h a v e o n ly c ircular or slightly elongated shapes; these are called elliptical galaxies. Som e g a l a x i e s a r e s h a p e d lik e S a turn, with a circular center and elongated s ides; these are called lenticular galaxies.

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