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By L. J. Jensen

Initially released in 1935 this publication is an actual vintage together with of the simplest "How-To" books on monetary Astrology ever written mixed into one quantity. Over fifty years of research, study, and real software of his recommendations within the inventory and commodity markets have confirmed Jensen to be one of many maximum astro-economic analysts of all time. Concise and to the purpose, the tools proven during this publication are getting used at the present time by means of essentially the most winning deepest investors, and big businesses.

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This quantity publishes a large choice of records. incorporated are Notes taken by way of Henry R. Seager in 1890; Robert Hoxie's Introductory Lecture at the nature of the heritage of political financial system (1916) coupled with a web dialogue at the heritage of financial notion because the heritage of errors (2005); legislations college scholar papers on John R.

A Comparative Analysis of Japanese and German Economic Success

The purpose of this booklet is to guage properly monetary improvement mechanism and to extract precious classes from a comparability of the industrial improvement of Japan and that of Germany. The e-book covers an in depth variety of financial matters: (1) macro-economic components: capital, exertions, expertise; (2) macro-economic rules: monetary, financial, business; (3) exterior shocks to either economies: oil crises, alternate expense fluctuations, environmental difficulties; (4) improvement procedures of significant industries: metal, chemical substances, and vehicles.

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Conclusion: it is a period for caution. For the probable time and direction of change we examine Jupiter's pattern several months from now. Then the basis of a forecast will begin to form. In the astro-cycle data the obvious basis for the upswing in the stock market from mid-1970 (the very favorable aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) was due to subside as sign changes developing in the last half of 1972 neutralized the bullish psychology. The Transport Average tried a new high in the second quarter (1972) to broach the preceding triple highs of 1966, 1967 and 1968-9 but failed by a fraction and declined.

Virgo: 7th Sign-House in a 6th House-Sign, Neptune ( y ) in (q) heavily afflicted (negative aspected). This reflects rumors, false and true; and a chaotic emotional state among the masses relating to Armed Services, food, clothing, jobs and the enemy. With a wide conjunction by Moon's Node, which is precisely square the critical national point of 9" Gemini ( ) which signals a classic low in economic trends, it can be a memorable point in history. Uranus ( 8 ) in 5th Sign-House and 3rd House-Sign, a general state of apparent disruption and seemingly chaotic situation in transportation, feverish attempts to coordinate plans and action by authority, which is downgraded by public emotions, as Saturn ( 5 ) in 6th Sign-House in 3rd House-Sign, is precisely at apparent conjunction with Uranus.

In the concluding section of this work these angles become the foundation of the program used to define probable market trends as to prices and timing of swings and probable amplitude, using the daily, weekly and monthly price ranges of stocks and commodities. The preceding two sections-major cyclic trends and cyclic interpretation factor-are a simplified foundation for the real goal of workable methods. CHAPTER TEN AN "OVER7'-SIMPLIFIED METHOD O F ASTRO-CYCLE INTERPRETATION Traditionalists call for the erection of astro chart figures based on a precise time and place.

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