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By Philippe Wajdenbaum

'Argonauts of the barren region' offers a innovative new statement at the Bible and its origins, arguing that the majority biblical tales and legislation have been encouraged by means of Greek literature. From Genesis to Kings, the books of the Bible can have been written by way of a unmarried writer, a Hellenized Judean student who used Plato's perfect country within the legislation as a major resource. As such, biblical Israel is a sport of that twelve tribes nation and the tales surrounding the delivery, lifestyles and dying of that country have been encouraged by means of Greek epics. each one bankruptcy provides the biblical fabric and compares this to the Greek or Roman equivalents, discussing similarities and alterations.

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Since science has challenged the Bible with the modern discoveries of evolution, genetics and many others, it was important to protect and ‘save’ the Bible with a discourse that took the form of science, giving it a new history different from that proposed by religious tradition. However, I have tried to show how these theories were only rationalised versions of the notion of divine inspiration. Biblical criticism did not make ‘innocent mistakes’; it was a diversion to prevent both scholars and non-scholars from knowing the true origins of the Bible.

These notes discourage one from understanding the biblical narrative as being perfectly coherent, a ¿ne piece of literature. This is quite a paradox as these theories claim to be ‘theological’, yet they undermine the beauty of the text by claiming it to be full of blatant contradictions. These evolutionary theories want the Bible to be seen as primitive and naïve, in essence an ‘Old’ Testament. , so one would not consider a comparison like the one presented here. The return of religion and the weakening of atheism in the early twenty-¿rst century can be explained by, among other reasons, the fact that the Bible has not yet been the object of a consistent and genuinely scienti¿c analysis.

The Collapsing of the Consensus The most conservative milieus—both Jewish and Christian—¿rst contested the documentary hypothesis, denying that there were distinct sources of the biblical text, which denial thereby conferred more legitimacy upon it among liberal universities. Very little dispute arose among scholars, to the point that the documentary hypothesis slowly grew into a theological dogma that could not be questioned. But in the 1970s, serious criticism of this model appeared, notably from John Van Seters45 and Thomas L.

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