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By Robert N. Sladen, Douglas B. Coursin, Jonathan T. Ketzler, Hugh Playford

Anesthesia and Co-existing illnesses presents a well timed, swift evaluation of universal and unusual co-morbidities which are encountered within the day by day perform of anesthesiology. It presents a consultant to the perioperative review and anesthetic administration of sufferers with greatly usual co-morbidities reminiscent of high blood pressure, diabetes, weight problems, myocardial ischemia, kidney and liver illness. It concisely outlines priorities for sufferers with designated difficulties who're present process unrelated operative strategies, reminiscent of the obstetrical sufferer, the sufferer with past organ transplantation, the grownup sufferer with congenital center ailment, the spinal twine injured sufferer, the melanoma sufferer with earlier chemotherapy, the seriously sick sufferer or the sufferer with a psychiatric disease.

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Although the statements are based on a thorough evaluation of the evidence, data are sparse. ■ The final decision about the use of regional anesthesia in anticoagulated pts is left to the judgment of the responsible anesthesiologist. ■ The consensus focuses on neuraxial blocks, leaving the risk of plexus & peripheral blocks undefined. ■ fluid and electrolytes N/A cardiopulmonary N/A hematologic N/A metabolic/nutritional N/A gastrointestinal N/A neuropsychiatric N/A 8:52 P1: SBT 0521759385p2-A CUNY1088/Sladen 0 521 75938 5 May 28, 2007 Aortic Regurgitation 23 AORTIC REGURGITATION ROBERT N.

1 sec & M-shaped configuration lead II Pulmonary edema is the ultimate manifestation of CHF. 6 hematologic ■ ■ Anemia not uncommon in advanced CHF Correction of anemia associated w/ improved survival metabolic-nutritional Catecholamine depletion in the cardiac muscles w/ decreased contractility; urinary catecholamines are increased in CHF ■ Renal blood flow is reduced, so renal tubular sodium & water retention increases to increase blood volume & maintain an adequate cardiac output; this can cause worsening of CHF & should be treated w/ vasodilators & ACE inhibitors.

5; anemic if Hgb < 12 mg/dL r Pts living at altitude frequently have higher normal values secondary to hypoxia-induced increased erythropoiesis. r Smokers & those exposed to some environmental pollutants may have higher Hgb, which may approach polycythemic levels. r Some athletes may have higher baseline Hgb. r As pts age, some develop a physiologic anemia; however, need to rule out underlying pathology such as colon cancer, GI blood loss or other. Hematocrit (Hct) is the percent of a volume of whole blood that is occupied by intact RBCs.

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