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By D. A. Dalessandro

There's a horror as outdated because the sea. for hundreds of years, it has stalked unsuspecting sailors and is actually the stuff of legends. deadly and incessant, it strikes via evening and moves abruptly. within the yr 1856, it has come to the remoted island of Nantucket to feed. Screenwriter D.A. Dalessandro ("Snakes On A Plane") channels Bram Stoker and Jules Verne in his meticulously researched twist at the Gothic horror novel. while Harvard scientific scholar Balthazar Andrews arrives to check a physique came across tired of blood, he's drawn into an event that shatters his knowing of technology and the wildlife. fortunately, he acquires a stalwart ally-eighteen-year-old Prudence Mott, a feisty Quaker with a devotion to the works of Edgar Allan Poe. As our bodies pile up, Balthazar and Prudence assemble an eccentric naturalist, a crusty soldier of fortune and a Samoan whale hunter in a determined quest to spoil the creature they name "Anathema."

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He shook the ashes from the galley stove noisily. "It would do it no good," said Dr. Copper, softly as though thinking out loud, "to merely look like something it was trying to imitate; it would have to understand its feelings, its reactions. It is unhuman; it has powers of imitation beyond any conception of man. A good actor, by training himself, can imitate another man, another man's mannerisms, well enough to fool most people. Of course no actor could imitate so perfectly as to deceive men who had been living with the imitated one in the complete lack of privacy of an Antarctic camp.

Your damned beast got loose. I fell asleep about twenty minutes ago, and when I woke up, the thing was gone. Hey, Doc, the hell you say those things can't come to life. " Copper stared blankly. "It wasn't�Earthly," he sighed suddenly. " "Well, it applied for leave of absence and took it. " Connant swore bitterly, his deep-set black eyes sullen and angry. " Blair started back, his pale eyes suddenly fear-struck. " "You find it. It's your pet. I've had all I want to do with it, sitting there for seven hours with the counter clucking every few seconds, and you birds in here singing night-music.

Norris and McReady appeared in the doorway, a doorway filling with other shivering men. " Norris asked innocently. "About four feet tall�three red eyes�brains oozing out� Hey, has anybody checked to make sure this isn't a cracked idea of humor? " "It's no humor," Connant shivered. "Lord, I wish it were. I'd rather wear�" He stopped. A wild, weird howl shrieked through the corridors. The men stiffened abruptly, and half turned. "I think it's been located," Connant finished. His dark eyes shifted with a queer unease.

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