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The Birth of a Legal Institution: The Formation of the Waqf in Third-Century A.H. Hanafi Legal Discourse (Studies in Islamic Law and Society) (Studies in Islamic Law and Society)

This paintings provides an research of the earliest criminal treatises at the Islamic belief, or waqf - the Ah kam al-Waaf" of Hilal al-Ray and the Ah kam al-Awqaf of al-Khassaf. This paintings undertakes a textual research of the treatises.

Twice Neokoros: Ephesus, Asia and the Cult of the Flavian Imperial Family (Religions in the Graeco-Roman World)

Two times Neokoros is a case learn of the Cult of the Sebastoi that was once demonstrated within the urban of Ephesus by way of the province of Asia throughout the past due first century C. E. Epigraphic and numismatic information point out that the Cult of the Sebastoi used to be committed in 89/90 to the Flavian imperial relations. The structure, sculpture, municipal titles, and concrete environment of the cult all mirror Asian spiritual traditions.

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11 Freeman’s definition of a kindred, with one modification, fits well with historical studies of medieval French kinship. A. 36 Thus, each individual chose from cognates and affines when defining who constituted his/her kin, and changed circumstances could alter who was or was not included. The same is true with successive generations within what a modern historian would define as a single kindred. ’37 While there is a great deal to recommend this thesis—for example, with the evidence of gift-giving to monasteries, naming patterns, burial, and inheritance—it is a bit too sweeping.

Baldwin added the pagi of Mempisc, Courtrai, and Yser to his land holdings between 883 and 887. While Baldwin II was establishing his control in the pagi surrounding Flanders, neither Abbot Raoul nor Erkengar took any known steps to limit this aggression. 27 AV 1:527–528; (Guerard 1841): 134; (Grierson 1937): 15, 148; (Dehaisnes 1871): 34–5. The castellani originally seem to have supported Ecfrid’s succession and Odo appears to have preferred Ecfrid to Baldwin. It was Evrebert who convinced the castellani to send for Baldwin.

The two world wars hit the region hard, and in the inter-war period, a couple of the archives also had trouble with fires (often in the wings which contained medieval documents). 46 Many of these have been preserved by the work of local and national antiquaries who copied individual charters as well as ecclesiastical cartularies beginning in the seventeenth century. These copies rarely indicate emendations or later additions to the documents nor do they always include the full witness list. Charters may seem an unusual basis for political history as they were generally produced by monastic communities and reflect their interests.

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