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By Ruma Pal, Avik Kumar Choudhury (auth.)

The booklet , ‘An creation to Phytoplanktons - variety and Ecology’ is especially beneficial because it covers vast points of phytoplankton examine together with the overall concept approximately cyanobacteria and algal state. It includes varied themes relating to very simple proposal of phytoplanktons akin to, varieties ,taxonomic description and the main for id and so on. including it, very glossy elements of phytoplankton research together with assorted methodologies wanted for learn scholars of botany, ecology, limnology and environmental biology also are included.

The first bankruptcy is particularly simple and informative and describes algal and phytoplankton category, algal pigments, algal bloom and their keep an eye on, algal pollutants, wetlands algae, ecological value of phytoplanktons and so on. A generalkey for id of universal phytoplankton genera is additionally integrated for college kids who should be capable of establish those genera in keeping with the sunshine microscopic characters.

In Chapters 2-4, diverse elements of phytoplankton examine like fundamental productiveness, group trend research and their ecological parameter research were mentioned with exact systems. Statistical research can also be mentioned in detail.

Chapter five contains case reports regarding overview, phytoplankton range and dynamics.

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Family – Fragilarioideae Cells in valve view usually linear, more seldom wedge shaped, frequently with transapical inflations or constrictions. In girdle view usually linear to tabular, seldom wedge shaped. Intercalary bands and septa always present and distinct. Valvar plane not bent in the pervalvar direction, the two valves of a cell usually entirely alike. Cells usually united into bands. Marine and freshwater forms. Subfamily – Tabellarieae Common genera – Rhabdonema, Grammatophora Key to Genera Cells in girdle view rectangular with rounded corners, usually united into zigzag chains.

7 Algae in Wetlands Wetlands are important for their high productivity as they are considered as nutrient sinks (Dolan et al. 1981; Reeder 1994), flood control buffers and the breeding ground of different aquatic animals like waterfowl and others (Batt et al. 1989). Wetland research is carried out in different countries by various scientists (Barica et al. 1980; Hanson and Butler 1994; Moss 1983). 1 Role of Phytoplanktons in Wetlands In wetland ecosystem, phytoplanktons are one of the fundamental players of physical, chemical and biological processes that characterize the wetland ecosystems.

Valves with long setae, longer than the cells. Cells united into chains by basal part of the setae. Seldom living as single cells. Intercalary bands only seldom present. Valves circular or oval. All species pelagic. Family – Chaetocerotaceae Common genera: Bacteriastrum, Chaetoceros Key to Genera Cells cylindrical, in cross section circular. Bound into loose chains by the fusion of the more or less numerous setae that are regularly arranged around the margin of the cells. Setae of two adjacent cells are fused for a certain distance beyond the base, farther out divided again.

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