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3. The following sentences spoken by aphasic patients were collected and analyzed by Dr. Harry Whitaker. In each case, state how the sentence deviates from normal nonaphasic language. a. There is under a horse a new sidesaddle. b. In girls we see many happy days. c. I’ll challenge a new bike. d. I surprise no new glamour. e. Is there three chairs in this room? Exercises f. g. h. i. Mike and Peter is happy. Bill and John likes hot dogs. Proliferate is a complete time about a word that is correct.

Searchinger, G. 1994. The human language series: 1, 2, 3. Videos. New York: Equinox Film/Ways of Knowing, Inc. Smith, N. , and I-M. Tsimpli. 1995. The mind of a savant: Language learning and modularity. Oxford, UK: Blackwell. Springer, S. , and G. Deutsch. 1997. Left brain, right brain, 5th edn. New York: W. H. Freeman and Company. Stromswold, K. 2001. The heritability of language. Language 77(4): 647–721. Yamada, J. 1990. Laura: A case for the modularity of language. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 29 30 INTRODUCTION Brain and Language Exercises 1.

ERP experiments also show variations in timing, pattern, amplitude, and hemisphere of response when subjects hear sentences that are meaningless, such as The man admired Don’s headache of the landscape. as opposed to meaningful sentences such as The man admired Don’s sketch of the landscape. Such experiments show that neuronal activity varies in location within the brain according to whether the stimulus is language or nonlanguage, with a left hemisphere preference for language. Even jabberwocky sentences—sentences that are grammatical but contain nonsense words, such as Lewis Carroll’s ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves—elicit an asymmetrical left hemisphere ERP response, demonstrating that the left hemisphere is sensitive to grammatical structure even in the absence of meaning.

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