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By David Wiedemer

America’s Bubble economic climate is the 1st e-book to target numerous simultaneous monetary bubbles which are interacting to briefly boost—and finally threaten—the usa and international economies. full of professional research and immediately speak, this e-book will provide help to flip the arrival fiscal transformation right into a once-in-a-lifetime wealth-building chance.

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Cycle, sometimes using cash advances from one card to cover the smallest required monthly payment of another. An important reason why credit card spending is at an all time high in America is because it’s cheap and easy. S. S. assets). S. credit card consumers will be in big trouble. If we weren’t already buying so much on credit, it wouldn’t be as big a deal. But buying on credit has become a way of life, almost an addiction, in America. Generations ago, it was common to squirrel away money for a special future purchase.

Huge Foreign-Funded Deficits Boom the Economy Meanwhile, the rest of the country was quite happy, too. Financing huge government deficits with foreign capital greatly stimulated our economy with almost no ill effects. Instead of hurting our nation, big federal deficits were an enormous boost to our economy. Stoked with so much foreign cash, the nation’s economy took off like a convertible full of teenagers on Friday night. S. economy since 1982. S. assets. Falling interest rates encouraged the purchase of capital goods, such as cars and houses, and made credit cards cheaper and easier to obtain, creating a growing pool of capital to buy more and more goods.

In other words, our bubbles will burst and our economy will fall. Think Internet Bubble . . times 10. S. Economy Handle a Big Decline in the Dollar? —If That Was Our Only Bubble Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke assured us in March 2006 that the economy could withstand a decline in the dollar, even a big decline in the dollar. S. economy, including the Stock Market Bubble, the Dollar Bubble, the Consumer Debt Bubble, the International Trade Deficit Bubble, and the astronomical $8 trillion Government Debt Bubble, heavily financed by foreign capital.

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