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Special heritage of the yankee area application to 1967. 367 pages. Hardcover. Little, Brown and corporate.

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Bigger, longer-range cruise missile was the SM-62 Northrup Snark, which in the early days at the Cape rose from its "zero-length launcher" near the lighthouse with the roaring, two-pronged flame of its rocket boosters A Martin iMatador takes off fanning out on both sides of the slender, winged After getting the Snark in the off to plow into the air, Cape sand missile. the boosters tumbled like twin motor while the sixty-nine-foot Snark, powered by sand-pound-thrust Pratt and Whitney jet, a shells, ten-thou- angled up into the heavens for flights of three thousand to five thousand miles range.

The soon rising regularly from launch area lighthouse. Later its Bomarc was near the Cape graceful Bomarcs were housed in small gray hangars whose roofs opened suddenly to allow the Bo- ""la AMERICAN SPACE EXPLORATION 20 I marc to rise erect and blast off. Once a swarm of wild bees built a nest in the hangar roof and successfully sur- vived a series of launches, to everyone's amazement. Targets of the Bomarcs were high-flying radio-con- B-17 "drones," with cameras mounted trolled wings. an eerie sensation to look It is at a film in the of an on- coming Bomarc.

Carloads of men, women and now poured out on Beach. By two o'clock dren where the hard coquina sand of 2^ chil- Cocoa few observers who knew the spume of lox vapor streaming off near the top of the rocket. As the rocket got colder it also whitened with a rime of frost and was exactly much easier to see. rated, as just I to look could see a Now the gray clouds overhead sepa- on command, forming if a wide blue corridor above Atlas. had selected the spot where there were the rnost peo- ple because wanted to report the reaction of the Ameri- I now can public to the shoot, but appeared only minutes away I as the rocket launch became concerned that a Li^e photographer farther up the beach might not see the To rocket through the haze of the surf.

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