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As new clinical discoveries resulted in enhanced know-how, the USA swiftly grew to become a latest, industrialized country. discover why 1/2 all commercial employees in this time have been teenagers ten years previous and more youthful who did not attend institution. How did this alteration? via maps, charts, and timelines scholars will detect how significantly lifestyles has replaced because the early 1800s. This name will permit scholars to quote textual facts to help research of what the textual content says explicitly in addition to inferences drawn from the textual content.

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1825 Englishman George Stephenson invents the first steam locomotive. 1831 Cyrus McCormick invents the reaper. May 24, 1844 Samuel Morse sends the first telegraph message using Morse code. 1856 Englishman Henry Bessemer designs a process to turn iron ore into steel. May 10, 1869 The Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads meet at Promontory Summit, Utah, connecting the continent. 1870 John D. Rockefeller forms the Standard Oil Company. March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell speaks over his invention, the telephone.

Edison, Thomas (1847–1931) - Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors of all time. Edison invented the practical lightbulb and the phonograph and improved the telegraph and telephone. S. patents, the most any individual has ever held. Ford, Henry (1863–1947) - Henry Ford began his career working for the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit. He founded the Ford Motor Company. Ford reduced the cost of producing his Model T so that people could afford it. His assembly line process revolutionized factory production.

Learn more about them in the Biographies section. Watt, James (1736–1819) - James Watt was a Scottish engineer. He improved the design of Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine. In 1782, working with a partner, Watt developed and patented his new steam engine. The watt, a unit of measuring power, was named in his honor. Whitney, Eli (1765–1825) - Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. It separated cotton seeds from the fibers. In a single day, the cotton gin could clean as much cotton as 50 people could clean by hand.

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