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Threshing was even harder. M. Instead of 10 hours as in stocking, the ante was upped to 12 hours out in the field - on through to 7 o'clock in the evening. , until finally you had time to feed yourself and drag your tired carcass into bed. 00 a day for stocking. To sustain the tremendous exertion required during the threshing season, we ate five big meals a day. Besides the breakfast, "dinner" and supper, the womenfolk brought a healthy lunch to the field at mid-morning and again at mid-afternoon, which consisted of sandwiches, coffee and cookies.

33 per bushel of #l Hard Northern. My progress at school was better than anticipated. My sister dropped out in the spring of 1929, while I had been skipping a grade every now and then. D. #3702. Being a one-room school with only about 20 kids, there happened to be a serious disparity of pupils per grade at that time. I was all alone in my grade and found the lessons a breeze. I had become proficient in arithmetic and spelling and felt quite comfortable in the usage of the English language. There was nobody in the seventh grade, but there were seven pupils in the eighth grade.

Why this summer had such an unusually heavy proliferation of mosquitoes I do not know, but I suspect it was because we had a wet year. About this time I remember several unusually violent thunderstorms with much lightning, heavy winds and even tornadoes sweeping across the countryside. I remember one especially bad storm that resembled the one depicted in the Wizard of Oz. Our two-story frame house was creaking and straining and we felt sure it would be blown away, as we all sought refuge in our basement.

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