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By John Pilbeam, Chris Rodgerson, Derek Tribble

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Dermal Tumors: The Basics

Dermal Tumors: the fundamentals serves as a good and effective instruction manual for the scholar of dermatopathology, and as a pragmatic bench reference for the working towards diagnostician who wants quick entry to standards which are important in differentiating histologically related entities. The chapters include crucial bullet issues prepared in prepared outlines taking into account easy accessibility and direct comparability among entities.

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Finally, we leave the Ossa Leihnitii and some 200 years of history, to enter a detective story that is more exciting than many you see on TV! Remains On July 4, 1902, a Hanover architect re­ moved the sandstones in the Neustadter Hofkirche. To determine whether Leib­ niz was in fact buried beneath the stone inscribed OSSA LEIBNITII, the Prussian pathologist Prof. Dr. /. Krause (Berlin), was asked to examine the tomb and the remains. (The results of this examina­ tion were published in [7) . ) Krause ob­ served that the tomb had often been flooded by ground water.

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