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By Kwok-Kee Wei, Krishnamurthy S. Raman on the task-medium fit proposition, Loren Terveen on topically related Web resources, and others Stephen Morrison on non-WIMP user interfaces

Significant essays by way of best overseas machine scientists.

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G. touching the screen bezel to initiate TiltScroll). L9. Explicitly encode ground transitions. Sensing systems should recognize and explicitly encode transitions between foreground and background and use such encodings to minimize disruptive changes to the current mode of interaction. For example, our experiences with integrating the foreground TiltScroll technique and the background Portrait/Landscape Switching technique suggest that a mechanism is needed to prevent cross-talk between the techniques.

Designers must carefully consider the potential for introducing unwanted transitions as the result of false positive failures (when sensor data is mistakenly recognized as a gesture that did not occur), as well as missing transitions as the result of false negative failures (when sensor data contains a gesture that did occur, but the system does not recognize it). Our research suggests examples of user tasks and activities that sensing techniques can support, showing how we can combine multiple sensors to support one interaction, while also using one sensor to support multiple interactions in both the foreground and background, without introducing unwanted cross-talk between techniques.

The device cannot power up when in the user’s pocket or purse because the user is not holding it. 2. The device will not turn on if the user simply touches it or pushes it out of the way while it is resting on a desk (resting Flat). The user must be holding the device at tilt angles consistent with viewing the display. 3. The short timeout prevents the device from powering up accidentally due to transient signals, but is short enough that the user does not feel as if he or she has to wait for the action to occur.

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